Dairy Automation Systems

An integrated end-to-end Dairy Management System that provides significant information across the Dairy Farms to support the effectiveness of decision making for critical financial accounting, dairy administration, and customer care, in a seamless flow. Dairy ERP is designed for Milk Processing Centers, Collection Centers, and Chilling Centers to cover a wide range of Dairy administration and management processes. ERP solution takes care of the fundamental supply chain management right from the procurement of raw milk to the delivery of the products to its customers. It also supports the dynamic pricing of this product.

Objectives of Dairy ERP

The main focus of ERP for the dairy industry is to increase efficiencies, reduce production cost, and ensure compliance. Other objectives include:



Benefits of using ERP for Dairy

The implementation of an integrated ERP solution has extensively benefited Dairy farms. The following are benefits that have been successfully achieved in this program:

Improved performance on the management of Dairy Sales

Improvement in dairy farm inventory management

Accurate payments to the milk suppliers

Proper protection of dairy farm financial operations

Records of quality data for Dairy Farm Suppliers

Reduction in data entry points, due to the single integrated application at every dairy farm location

Correct and reliable decisions on selling rates and procurement rates for dairy production

Availability of financial and operational information to dairy societies